Hella Supertone Rally Horn

$ 77.00

Hella Supertone Horns are the ultimate in attention getting Rally Bling. They are very loud and look great peaking out from behind your grill.

Horns have a long tradition at Hella. Hella has been developing and manufacturing acoustic signal units on the highest technical level for almost 100 years. A distinction is made between signal horns and supertone horns. Signal horns make a relative hard sound which is radiated mainly focussed forwards. This achieves good penetration of the traffic noise over a great distance. The sound pattern is best as a set with one high and one low tone. Supertone horns are particularly suitable for extreme conditions since they have a greater penetration force on account of their size and more powerful electrical drive. Quality is extremely important at Hella. Safety products such as horns and fanfares demand top precision and reliability. Hella products not only comply with the strict legal regulations but also with the much more demanding requirements made by vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket. It goes without saying that all Hella horns and fanfares have ECE type approval

  • Loud and powerful Dual Supertone Horns add a level of safety to your driving with 118db(A) of sound
  • Black Coated Metal body with a Red Protective Grille for a distinctive and stylish look
  • 5.31 inch high x 3.34 inch depth x 4.84 inch diameter
  • Kit includes one high-tone Supertone horn, one low-tone Supertone horn, one 12V relay, two mounting brackets, and mounting instructions
  • One Year Limited Warranty from Manufacturer
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